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ot extra tickets to a Miami Dolphins home game? Looking for some extra tickets? On our message board you can post an offer to swap, buy or sell tickets. This is also the place to talk about seating upgrades, tailgate parties, car pools, and other topics of interest to Miami Dolphins season ticket holders.


This Web site serves the Miami Dolphins' largest and most loyal group of fans -- the Season Ticket Holders! Here you can find information on tailgating, carpooling, seating upgrades, swapping, buying or selling extra tickets to home games, charitable contributions, and other topics of interest.


 Tix for Kidz 

Got tickets to a home game you can't attend? Why not donate those tickets to kids who have been victims of abuse or neglect, or kids that are at risk and otherwise couldn't go? Boys Town of South Florida is a not-for-profit organization that can help a grateful child attend a Dolphins game, thanks to your tax-deductible gift. Please contact Amy Simpson at (561) 366-9400, ext. 356 or by e-mail. Thanks, Dolfans!

The best seats for Miami Dolphins home games are not available from scalpers in the parking lot. They are held by long-time season ticket holders. Our message board helps sellers and buyers find each other without going through ticket scalpers or brokers.

Ticket buy - sell - trade
message board.


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If you see a fan at a game who is disrupting or endangering other fans, please report the incident an usher or to Stadium Security at (305) 626-7373. Thanks.

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NFL to Launch Airline-Style Perks for Season-Ticket Holders


The NFL is working on a new strategy to keep season ticket holders happy. They are the "lifeblood" of individual clubs, says Jake Bye of the St. Louis Rams. STHs drive concession, parking and merchandise revenue. And empty seats look bad on TV. "It all starts, and ends, with your season-ticket base," he says in this article, which also cites activity at the Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

In 2012, Season Ticket Renewals Hit 90.6%. What will they be in 2013?


The NFL tried to make stadiums a more welcome place last season by adding perks such as providing fans in the stands with the view of the referee when he goes under the hood to review a play on the sideline video monitor.

Six teams adopted Wi-Fi-enabled stadiums to help fans stay connected with other games and fantasy statistics while in attendance. Only 16 of 256 NFL games were blacked out last year, meaning 93.7 percent of games were seen in their local markets.


Goodell says Season-Ticket Holders Want an 18-game season


In this 2011 article, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he still feels the NFL should go to an 18-game season, and he says season-ticket holders agree with him. But the players say they don’t want an 18-game regular season, and polls show that most fans agree with the players.


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NFL's TicketExchange is called "a safe and secure place for buying and selling tickets online."  Real tickets are posted online by season ticket holders and other fans. Buyers for most games can print their tickets at home or wherever there is a Web-connected printer.

TicketExchange transactions are guaranteed. The seller's original tickets are canceled and a new set is issued for the buyer.


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